Truck bed liners are a must have for every truck owner. Any type of hauling can leave scratches and dents in the truck bed. A good quality spray in bed liner will protect your bed from scratches, dents, and more.
The best option for most truck owners is spray on truck bed liners. They provide the durable protection needed for everyday hauling and they look good too. With a spray on liner, you can haul a lawn mower, firewood, or just about anything else without worrying about damaging your truck bed.
Most truck liners will help keep your bed protected from dents and scratches, but doing the hard work means getting nasty. Quality spray on truck bed liners from Mooney’s collision repair will protect your truck bed from chemical damage and rust.
Chemical Damage
Most truck owners do not haul hazardous or toxic chemicals. But the average truck owner does haul engine oil containers, transmission fluid, gasoline and diesel fuel. Though it may not seem like it, these chemicals are just as damaging to the bed of your truck as any hazardous materials are.
Chemical spills can eat through just about any type of vehicle paint. Without the use of spray on truck bed liners, the chemicals can seep through the cracks around the corners of the bed and soak deep into the frame of the vehicle. Over time, chemical spills will eat away the paint and corrode the bed and frame of the truck.
Mooney’s Spray on liners coat the bed so that chemicals can not get to the paint. They also seal the cracks in the paint that form around the corners of the bed protecting your bed and frame from corrosion.
Chemical spills can lead to rust. Damaged paint and corrosion can leave your bed vulnerable to moisture that will further damage your bed. But chemicals are not the only thing that causes rust.
Standing water in the bed is the most common cause for bed rust. Even when you clean out your bed, small pockets of water will still form in the corners of the bed and along the bed sides.
Paint doesn’t repel water. After it rains, most vehicle paints will allow the water to flow to the corners of the bed and will begin absorbing water over time. Spray on liners coat the entire bed of the truck protecting it from standing water and rust damage.
Your truck is a worthwhile investment. Please contact us for more information about our protective spray on truck bed liners. And Book your appointment today!